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    • Today I baked a pound cake and 18 cupcakes and made some horrible, evil gooey marshmallowy mess of frosting. It was disgusting and it was a sticky mess. It looked like I melted the Stay Puft man. Or made a porno with him. Your choice.
    • There was a peacock in my front yard today. I know very little about peacocks but I know it was a female and I think she was hot for me. She was chattering and shaking her plume at me. What a whore. I guess my milkshake brings all the peacocks to the yard.
    • Thanks to so many of you on here I have been seeking out the positive in my life and even when the bad days happen, I try not to dwell on them. This for me is a pretty happy and fun place. I am glad to say its pretty drama free for me also. I plan on keeping it that way.
    • Bullets are fun.
    • Sharpies are too.
    • Now I want to go color.
    • I put out alot of resumes and applications this week. Everything from maid or front desk at a hotel to executive assistants to delivery jobs all over the place. The lack of response is a whole new level of frustration.
    • The first four words of the last bullet make me giggle.
    • I like Scrabble.
    • Yep, I am boring. It’s official.
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