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  1. Dinner. On my best plate.

    Dinner. On my best plate.

  2. I made a brownie cheesecake for the fam damily today and it’s taking all my self control to not sit down and eat every ounce of the leftovers. Cheesecake is good for the colon right?

  3. He was cold.

    He was cold.

  4. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and it hasn’t bothered me in years. Yesterday when I stood up it felt like I stepped on a butchers knife with my heel and I felt something near my Achilles’ tendon pop. Holy fuck this shit hurts. I have a lot to do today and this shit is slowing me down. *grumble gripe grumble*

  5. I’m off on Friday!! Woo hoo! This makes me happy.

  6. I had a good day at work. Slow but steady. I felt fine for the most part but I have this weird sense that something is out of whack. Do you ever get that? Like just a weird feeling that something big/bad/noteworthy is on the horizon giving you a little finger wave. I don’t know. Then I went and sat in the backyard with the sunshine and cool breeze and I cried. Just felt this overwhelming but fleeting sense of sadness. I blame the moon. And hormones. Ok, mostly hormones.

  7. Mushyface for Sundog

    Mushyface for Sundog

  8. Say hello to our new (used) ride.

    Say hello to our new (used) ride.

  9. Dinner of Champions

    Dinner of Champions

  10. I dunno. I plead temporary insanity.

    I dunno. I plead temporary insanity.

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